extract since 2000
2000 "fire" art spectacle in studio / "three cubes" special exhibition at the horticultural show in Memmingen / galleryexhibition at the Blütenburg in Munich / "b/w experiments" art pavillion Munich / "plastic fantastic" symposium Pless / "winter salon" gallery Castle Altmannshofen
2001 "special exhibition" in Malura museum in Oberdießen / "colourless - der Kreis" in the city hall in Memmingen / "previously…" exhibition of art project south of France in the bbk gallery Kempten with display of works in Memmingen at the same time
2002 "…and now" night exhibition of art project in studio in Memmingen / solo exhibition and catalogue presentation in Hofgartensaal in Kempten / new pieces of work in the gallery Webams / solo exhibition "art meets industry" at Pfeiffer company Memmingen / "small sculptures" in Elfenbein museum Erbach
2003 city hall Memmingen on the occasion of the culture prize / gallery Ruetz Augsburg / "der Kreis" in the Kreuzherrn hall in Memmingen / doctors´ practice in Kempten / solo exhibition in Veith gallery in Ludwigsburg
2004 Art Karlsruhe represented by gallery in Elisabethenhof / "so near and yet so far, artistic couples" in the Swabian Gallery Oberschönenfeld / Art in Castle Bad Grönenbach / Exhibition in connection with the Swabian art prize Augsburg / Solo exhibition art club Ottobrunn / "between statics and movement" in the Pasing Factory Munich represented by Gallery for Contemporary Art
2005 Art Karlsruhe "one woman show" represented by gallery in Elisabethenhof / Art trail Krumbach / small bronzes in the Gallery for Contemporary Art Gräfelfing / Art in a bunker Geretsried / "bronze" in Hamburg Nienstedten