was shaking and full of exuberant sound.
My work, my sculpting - would be unimaginable without dance. Unimaginable without the training of one`s own body and sense of self. Muscle chains, meridians, networks, flow of movement, isolation and interaction, focusing and vibes, shapes and space.
The first individually modelled sculptures: again single parts of the body - feeling the reduction with enchanting perfection, creating a focus like on a big stage.
Observing the room as a child in the meadow or in the tree: the changeover between detail and distance, the power of the subject with regard to airy atmosphere. In the evenings hanging alone on the climbing frame: observing how the area empties itself, how the children disappear, darkness gathering, lights going on in the blocks of flats.
The room, its quality, the alterations through the things in it.

In sculpting I deal with light and heavy materials, define the room with a thin outline, I reduce the body to a line, plunge into the mass, creep into the powerfulness of a heavy wet tree trunk. I place volume against nothingness, discover a creation without a previous construct, just movement, rhythm and purpose.
And again and again - whether in dance, theatre, craft, or in sculpting - physical laws and necessities interlace with the unrestrained rhythmical sound of expression.

Life is movement. Sculpture is space.