born in 1970
until 1992 city college of design in Munich, free dance training, Theatre Academy „Spielstatt Ulm“ and training as a sculptor at the vocational school in Munich
1992-95 learning and development phase as freelance artist in visual and performing arts, restoration work in monasteries and churches, exhibitions, art projects, performances and choreography all over Germany - 1994/95 journey round the world - 1996-98 “The paper theatre” visual theatre with public appearances in and around Germany – 1997 Hong Kong tour
1996-2012 studio in Memmingen – 1996-99 furniture sculptures "Keil & Heel" – 1998-99 tuitional cross-over courses in Germany, Finland, Italy and Norway – since 1999 focus on sculpting – 2001 art project in the south of France
2012 artist´s workshop house and sculpture parc Agnes Keil und Peter Heel